It took Gastropub, Inc. the better part of 18 months attending to the details that make this a real pub but here we are, open and ready to serve you drinks and food. YATS invites you to enjoy the ambience of a real English-styled pub, not just a watering hole but a time-honored lifestyle that is as British as food and chips.

The London Pub is open every day from 5:30pm until midnight, serving local and imported beers, great wine by the glass plus a 1000-label wine list, a good selection Single Malt and other liquor too. Real British and Mediterranean pub cuisines are served. And on top of all that, prices are terribly reasonable, including those luxurious Cuban cigars, yeah!

For more information, please call (632) 633-1566 or 844-5796 or (045) 599-5600 or 0917-817-9441.