Clark Freeport is no longer the country’s best kept secret. There is simply too much happening to keep everything under wraps anymore, things like dozens of direct international flights in and out of Clark International Airport, SM Clark opened in recent years, KGCC opened a brand new world-class 36-hole golf course, Texas Instruments relocated its plant to Clark and a mere 26-minute-drive to Subic via Clark-Subic Highway to name just a few.

The question in many minds is “how to move my life to Clark?”

This involves a place to live, schooling for children, relocating or setting up a new business and establishing a new social and business circle in Clark Freeport. That might sound like a big challenge to many but not to us in YATS International. We’ve settled down in Clark since 2000. We own and operate a number of businesses in Clark, namely Clearwater Country Club, YATS Wine Club, Clark Wine Center, London Pub, Clearwater House and Lots … We think it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. And if you are also planning to make a move, you might just find doing business with YATS one of your best decisions also.

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