House and Lot Project in Clark

Clearwater S O H O Project
"establishing a secured head quarter on-base in Clark Freeport"
S O H O - Small Office Home Office


The Clearwater SOHO project is designed to offer businessmen operating in Angeles and cities near Clark Freeport an opportunity to establish a "home base" inside the Freeport while continuing to develop and operate businesses on- and off- base. One can say that this offers the best of both worlds, namely the fast-lane "third-world" business opportunities offered by a bustling city like Angeles and the first-class quality of living inside Clark Freeport.

The Clearwater SOHO project consists of approximately 5000sm property carved out of a premier mix-used property known as "Lot D" held by YATS. Within this compound, are thirteen (13) properties. Eight of those are 350-360sm house-and-lot properties and the two "end" lots are leased out as developed lots.

This is certainly an exclusive upscale address with a total of just thirteen lots.

The SOHO (Small Office Home Office) concept is applied to the development. Each of the 350sm property comprises of a 150sm single-storey home with an attached 72sm office to one side and a 96sm garden to the other. Each lot has a drive-in covered garage which ends with a 12m servant's quarters.

Clearwater Country Club literally just across the road provides the lifestyle component of the equation. Included in each lot is a "D" class (only for those with a residential address in Pampanga) membership of Clearwater Country Club. This entitles the tenant and family to enjoy the facilities of the country club.

SOHO is designed to support a quality life-style with minimal upkeep burden. The "village" is small, private and very secure. Despite the convenience of its central location and proximity to a wide range of facilities and services, SOHO remains a very quiet neighborhood.


Clearwater SOHO village is situated inside the premier mix-used property known as Lot D of YATS International group of companies. Lot D is a 3ha property on Centennial Road, about 500m from the Centennial Expo, in the central business district of Clark Freeport.

Adjacent to Lot D on the same side of the road is Clark Interior shopping mail and on the far-side boundary is the property of Texas Instruments. Across the (Centennial) road is the back entrance of YATS' Clearwater Country Club.

Within walking distance of say 150m are Shopping malls such as Parksons and Liberty Interiors and a few fast-food restaurants. It is 10 minutes away from Mimosa Golf, DMIA Clark International Airport and entrance to Clark-Subic Highway.

Site Plan

CLEARWATER SOHO is located on a corner lot within Lot D with an individual drive-in entrance from Centennial road. The remaining land of Lot D remains vacant at the time of this document.

The natural terrain of Lot D is flat. No signs of flooding have been discovered in the past 7 years.

Project Site Plan

Clearwater SOHO comprises of a total of 12 house-and-lot plus one 150sm land-only-lot properties. Each lot is roughly 350sm. A 7m road provides 2-way-traffic access to every lot. A guard-house secures the gate leading into the property.

SOHO Individual House and Lot Plan

A SOHO property includes a 150sm 1-storey 3br villa, a drive-in covered parking space, a separate 70sm office and a servant's quarter. The 350sm property lot also include a 100sm garden.

Other Deliverables

Floor finished : Carpet for bedroom
Granite Tile for Living, Kitchen
Non-skid tile for garage
Ceramic tile for Office
Pebble wah-our for service entry
Ceramic tile for Toilet & bath
Wall finished : Semi gloss painted wall Interior
Flat weather proof paint Exterior
Ceiling : Fiber cement board on metal furring with cornice; painted with flat paint all interior room
PVC ceiling for exterior
Carpentry Works: All built - up cabinet / closet on bedrooms, walk-in closet and kitchen
Dry wall Partition separating Boss and secretary
Doors : Decorative Steel Door for main entry and back door
PVC door for toilet & bath
Hollow core door for bedroom
Sliding door 6mmthk. Glass on aluminum frame for office
Window : All sliding window 6mm thick. On aluminum framing
Electrical Works All included to lighting fixture
Sanitary & Plumbing works Toilet & bath all HCG brand
Mechanical Works : 3 units split type airconditioning units


The twelve house-and-lot are numbered clockwise from the left (lot 1 being the first lot on the left entering the SOHO project and Lot 12 is the first one on the right). Entrance corner lot of 150m is numbered as Lot A.

There are slight variations in actual size of each lot and that resulted in slight variations in their respective prices even though the dimensions of the vertical structures are the same.

Their prices are:

Lot 1 372.00sm p7,770,000.-

Lot 2 360.00sm p7,640,000.-

Lot 3 360.00sm p7,640,000.-

Lot 4 360.00sm p7,640,000.-

Lot 5 360.00sm p7,640,000.-

Lot 6 430.60sm p8,450,000.-

Lot 7 383.54sm p7,910,000.-

Lot 8 357.37sm p7,600,000.-

Lot 9 350.90sm p7,530,000.-

Lot 10 356.45sm p7,590,000.-

Lot 11 373.62sm p7,790,000.-

Lot 12 349.13sm p7,500,000.-

(LOT A is the entrance lot which doesn't include vertical improvements)

Lot A 150.00sm p2,100,000.-


  • Tenancy of up to year 2051
  • 3-bedroom 1-storey house
  • 72sm attached office
  • "D" membership share of Clearwater Country Club
  • Garden
  • Covered parking
  • Servant's quarters.

Payment Terms

  • 10% upon signing of agreement
  • 30% completion of site development
  • 10% turnover of property lot
  • 15% mobilization of vertical construction
  • 15% completion of first milestone of vertical construction
  • 20% turnover of buildings

Taxes and Revenue Sharing

In additional to business taxes, if you register your business on this property, you have to pay CDC a "revenue share" of either 3% of gross profits or 7% of gross revenues whichever is higher. However if your business is registered elsewhere, this does not apply.


(Samples available on request)


A few words about

YATS International Group of Companies

YATS International Group of Companies has been operating in the Philippines since 1999 focusing on development of real properties and leisure estates. With funds coming from Hong Kong, YATS has invested over US$20 Million in various projects and acquisitions in the Philippines. The bulk of its leisure developments are inside the elite confines of Clark Freeport.

YATS is most prominent in Clark Freeport where it owns and operates a number of hospitality/tourism outlets. Clearwater Country Club for example, is a 13-hectare estate designed to revive the US suburban lifestyle left behind by the American forces when Clark was the largest off-shore American airbase. This is a family club which can almost be characterized as a country park surrounding a fresh water lake with a small number of basic hotel rooms and plenty of space to spend a lazy day. It is also a very popular venue for weddings and corporate events.

The YATS Restaurant and Wine Lounge is both a gourmet restaurant and a business club in one. As a restaurant, it serves anything from executive business meals to top-end fine dining menus featuring the best ingredients flown in from all over the world. As a business club, members and guests frequently use its private and semi-private venues for business discussions. Many important deals are sealed over a glass of wine at YATS. YATS Club operates four outlets in Clark from casual dining to bistro and fine dining.

The YATS Wine Cellars has achieved recognition amongst wine enthusiasts not only in the Philippines but also in Asia and other parts of the world. Its 20000-bottle wine collection features not only legendary labels but also an incredible selection of matured vintage wines that are priced at delightfully attractive levels. A lot of the wines can now be found at the newly opened Clark Wine Center, a 2-storey independent structure surrounded by 1.5ha of grassland. The roof-deck lawn is a favorite venue for small wine parties.

As a real estate developer, YATS holds titles to large freehold properties in Pampanga and Tagaytay areas as well as leasehold rights of choice properties inside Clark Freeport.

A few words about

Clearwater Country Club

Clearwater Country Club is designed to support a laid-back suburban lifestyle. It offers a safe, clean and quiet environment for those who seek to enjoy a bit of peace and tranquility on a regular basis. Although the fundamental development works were completed when the club opened its facilities to members and guests back in 2003, enhancements and improvements continue to occur. In 2009 for example, a cluster of four hotel rooms including the first 1-bedroom suite was completed. The Clearwater Reception café restaurant received an extension giving it "breakfast" garden with a view of the lake.

Besides the 2.5ha fresh-water lake that forms the core of the property, there are several swim spots, namely a white-sand beach complete with its own lagoon and a small pool and a 3000sm shallow cove good for wading, water sports and for young children learning to swim. The Frolic garden is a favorite spot for outings and small gatherings. It contains a croquet garden, horseshoe grounds, swings and hammocks. A small number of hotel rooms are scattered across the property each offering a different Clearwater ambience, a different way to savor the tranquility of the property if you will. Favorite activities include biking, kayaking, boating, fishing and simply strolling around doing little more than nothing at all.

Clearwater Country Club is a private membership club duly incorporated with the SEC. Currently there are about 400 members. Four classes of membership shares are available, namely

"A" share - individual
"B" share - corporate with 4 nominees
"C" share - corporate with 2 nominees
"D" share - individual but only residents of Pampanga are eligible

YATS International Group of Companies

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