Helping new businesses to succeed in Clark Freeport
The Business
To be the most admired business firm assisting foreign small to medium business locators in Clark
To provide foreign small to medium locators with fair business practice assurance under a friendly
environment. This in turn will provide more employment by attracting more foreign enterprises to
base their operations in Clark Freeport.


  • To assist existing foreign small to medium business locators of Clark Freeport in dealing with the requirements of government and quasi-government agencies.
  • To identify and qualify the proper and legal requirements of these agencies which the locators should fulfill.
  • To ensure that these locators are adequately informed of government regulations and requirements in the conduct of their business.
  • To provide these locators with pro-active guidelines in navigating through unclear and undisclosed regulations and requirements of these agencies.
  • To provide these locators with instantaneous advice and assistance when these agencies arbitrarily and unexpectedly ask for additional and/or non-legal/extra-legal requirements.

Goals & Objectives

  • To establish an operation with an initial client base of fifty (50) small to medium business locators within the next three quarters.
  • To create within one (1) year a proper Business Regulation Guideline and Template for the locators of the Clark Freeport.
  • To firmly establish FBPA in all the Philippine Freeport Zones as the pioneer and leader in the assistance and advisory of small to medium business locators within the next five (5) years.

Products and Services

  • The services of FBPA to existing small to medium business locators in Clark Freeport could be divided into three (3) distinct action programs:
    • Before (pro-active) Phase: Identify the probable additional and non/extra-legal requirements of government and quasi-government agencies which may be asked from these locators. Help locator by simplifying and preparing other seemingly necessary documents, licenses, and permits to be presented to these agencies when the need arises. Identify possible scenarios on how and when these needs may arise. Provide locators with guidelines on how to act, whom to call, and a list of their rights in the event of a need.
    • During (current) Phase: Immediate assistance of FBPA by fielding the necessary disciplines (inclusive but not limited to legal, physical (structural), police, customs, taxation, immigration) to deal with the inquiring agencies. FBPA Action Center will be on call 16 / 7.
    • After (post-active) Phase: Identify if these inquiries were legitimate and the reasons for such. Submit to the proper authorities additional and/or extra-legal requirements if inquiries were deemed legitimate. Counter-act by legal and other means (media, acquaintances) if findings indicate otherwise.
  • FBPA will also consolidate a “case study” and provide insights and suggestions on how an event may have been avoided or if any precautions should/could have been taken. This will be disseminated to all clients via additional seminars and orientation meetings.
  • Invite resource persons to follow-up seminars
  • Invite government agencies at get-together socials to foster better relationships with FBPA and its clients

Knowledge of Industry
Legal Structure
Planned Geographical Location (Site)
Anticipated Target Market

  • Size
  • Potential Growth

Competitive Analysis

  • Competitors
  • Their Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Our Image
  • Our Location
  • Our Service
  • Our Uniqueness
  • Our Products


  • Owners
  • Management Personnel and Primary Duties
  • Personnel, Job Titles, and required Skill(s) and Training

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