Alfresco Garden-styled restaurant
Bistro Vincafe Restaurant
Clark, Pampanga



You, the operating partner as a team, will deliver hands-on management to oversee the business with the objective of bolstering sales and generating profits while preserving the quality and integrity of the assets.

YATS provides you with an existing business on the venue called the Bistro Vincafe and trained staff to handle both the kitchen and the front of the house. YATS also shoulders the burden of cash flow for operations.

This partnership must not be viewed by either party to be a form of employment. It is a contract between two parties with specific business objectives that require certain commitment in time, interest and assets to be invested.

From an organization standpoint, we will look at your team as the management team and you yourself as the “general manager”. You will look at YATS as the president of the company and the board of directors. With that in mind, you may characterize the set up as you working within the parameters and policies laid down by YATS.



The market you inherit from the restaurant includes:

  1. members and guests visiting and/or staying at Clearwater Country Club
  2. certain regulars who patronize the restaurant
  3. possible catering for other YATS outfits for small events and functions although the BVC itself may not be equipped enough to handle complicated catering
  4. breakfasts and room service to hotel rooms inside Clearwater.


What is expected of you is serious marketing effort to enhance awareness of the restaurant inside and outside Clark. It is this incremental sales that YATS is looking for from this partnership, not status quo.



Your commitment besides your best conscientious efforts is your time and the time of your partners on your team to manage the business at all business hours.

The lock-in period for both parties is 24 months.

If you wish to pre-terminate this partnership, your penalty if p200,000 in cash. This is to pay for the inconvenience and cost incurred for a turnover to a replacing management team.

If YATS wishes to per-terminate this partnership, your 50% of the profits should be paid to you.

Since this is an exclusive partnership, you and your partners will not engage yourself directly or indirectly in any other business ventures or employment even at a consultancy or free-lance level.



Your sole compensation, reimbursement and consideration for your involvement in this partnership would be 50% of net (cash) profits before tax, which will be calculated once every 6 months and half of your share of the profits can be advanced to you at that time with the remaining half withheld in case the next 6-month turns in a loss instead of profits.


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