3-hectare prime property for long-term lease in Clark Freeport MAIN ZONE


Road – left boundary of the 3ha property, viewed from the entrance from Centennial Road.





The empty lot adjacent to the left of the 3ha property, viewed from Centennial Road. The road in the right of the picture is the same road that borders the 3ha property.


This is the left corner of the 3ha property viewed from Centennial Road. The structure in the background is a mall about 20 m from the right boundary of our 3ha lot.





Centennial Road as viewed from left corner of the 3ha lot.


Centennial road going towards Expo from the 3ha lot. The 3ha lot is on the left side of the picture. Centennial road is divided highway 2 lanes on either side with emergency shoulders.




Centennial Road Frontage of roughly 190m of the 3ha lot. Centennial road at the top of the picture terminates into the road where all the duty-free shopping malls are located. Turning left at that juncture takes us all the way out towards the main gate of Clark. Turning right would take us through the malls like Pure Gold and back towards Fontana and Mimosa.

Crossing Centennial Road at the point of this picture takes us to YATS’ Bistro Vincafe restaurant which leads to the “back” entrance to Clearwater Country Club via the Lazy River.



Land area : 3 hectares

Location : Across Centennial Road from Clearwater Country Club, Bistro Vincafe Restaurant, next to Clark Interiors Shopping Mall.

Leasehold : Paid-up lease to year 2051, extendable for another 25 years

Condition : Property is turned over to buyer as-is

Other terms : 3% of gross revenues or 7% of gross profits whichever is higher payable to CDC

Price : US$3.75 Million

Process : This property is “assigned” to a “simple” company which inherits the lease from YATS. The shares of this company will then be assigned to the buyer which will own this company and the leasehold.

Terms : 10% payment upon signing of a provisional agreement
Remainder upon delivery of deed of assignments/sales of shares


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