Looking for great steaks when you visit Clark or Angeles Philippines? YATS Restaurant and Wine Lounge may be your best bet.

YATS RESTAURANT and WINE LOUNGE is located in Clark Philippines. This fine-dining restaurant offers authentic French Mediterranean cuisine and also includes a surprisingly eclectic selection of steaks.

Steaks available at YATS Restaurant in Clark Philippines include:

  • 2-inch cut T-bone steaks from Argentina
  • Lean and delicious Tenderloin from Brazil
  • Several cuts of Australian Steaks
  • US Black Angus Ribeye
  • Wagyu Tenderloin with marble score of 7 to 10+

These meat selections form the basis for dozens of steak dishes. When you order a steak at YATS, notice also the sidings.


For a steakhouse to be considered good, it has to do much more than to have a good stock of aged meat in the chiller and a chef who knows how to grill or char-broil one to your order. When a customer orders a steak, the expectation that comes with the order include (1) the freedom to select a good bottle of wine from a reasonably large wine list, (2) excellent salad and starters to whet the palate for the subsequent indulgence and (3) an ambience that makes one feel like this is an occasion.

Sadly, far too many steakhouses in the Philippines stop with the meat. In reality, the fun and the challenge start there, not end there.

WINE-PAIRING with Steaks

The first and often the only thing that comes to mind when ordering wine for a steak dinner is the color red. While red wine is certainly the right choice for steaks, one should not forget that steak is but the entrée of the meal. Typically we start with a salad, an appetizer or a soup first. Why? That’s to set up the mind and the palate for the main event – the steak. The same approach applies to wine. Try ordering a white wine to start the dinner off, one that is lean and focused, a Chablis or a cold-climate Chardonnay. If you don’t want white in your wine equation at all, how about a nice Beaujolais or a red wine with a bit of age in it? The idea is to start off with a wine that has light to medium body, a good bit of acidity and not too fruity. This sets the stage for a bigger one to come with the steak.

When you pair wine with steaks, a full-bodied red is the safe bet. Most people prefer Merlot because it has less tannin than a Cabernet for example. Best Merlots are from the right bank of Bordeaux namely St. Emilion, Pomerol and Fronsac. There is nothing wrong with Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah/Shiraz as long as it is matured. Tannins in matured wine have been “resolved” – bound together to form sediments that can be separated and removed from the liquid through decanting so we don’t have to put up with the bitterness and astringency in red wine. Malbec is a good pairing with steak if you like yours well-done. Two wine regions are famous for Malbecs – Argentina and Cahors of France.


The doneness of the steak affects your choice of the age of the wine to pair with it. The rule-of-thumb is the more well-done you like your steaks, the younger you want your wine to be paired with it. Those of you who are bloody and rare steaks would do well to order a bottle with some age in it. By “age”, I meant 20 year-old for a Bordeaux, 15+ for a Rhone wine, 10+ for a California Cabernet or Merlot, 7+ for Australian Shiraz.

A steak-and-wine dinner is always a satisfying experience. It can also be a memorable one if we just attend to a few of these details and raise our level of expectations a tad higher.

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