BYO Restaurant in Clark Philippines

YATS Restaurant is the first fine-dining restaurant to tune into the BYO movement that is already very popular in other parts of the world. BYO means Bring Your Own WINE.

The Bring-Your-Own movement is brought on unwittingly by restaurants practicing unreasonable markups in the wine. Worse, these same restaurants offer wines that are both boring and readily available in wine shops around town. Almost none of those wines are aged in the cellars so there is really very little justification for the markup. To make matters even worse, wine service is terrible. There is never a sommelier around and the waiters bluff their way through the simplest of questions.

YATS Restaurant changed all that. Despite having the most comprehensive wine list of any restaurant in Asia comprising of wines properly aged in YATS’ cellars with vintages spanning the last 8 decades, YATS is the first to hold BYO dinners.

BYO dinners are more than waiving corkage fees. Knowing that patrons will bring in wines to enjoy the BYO evenings, YATS Restaurant always design special wine-friendly pric fixe memu all at very affordable prices. Decanters, good wine glasses and knowledgeable staff are available to make the BYO evening a truly rewarding one.

For those who didn’t have time to shop for a good bottle, they can stop by the Clark Wine Center or order one from Bring-Your-Own Bottle is here to stay at YATS Restaurant.


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