At YATS, we hold the view that there is a distinct difference between the responsibility of a restaurant and that of a wine shop to their clients.

Wines bought in a shop will be stored and aged by the customer. As such, wines offered by a shop can be very young even though they require many years of waiting for them to age and mature.

The same assumption cannot be applied to a fine restaurant. Obviously wines served in a restaurant are generally consumed within the course of a meal with the exceptions of occasional take-out purchases.

This belief forms the foundation of the philosophy defining the 30000-bottle wine collection resting and aging slowly in YATS Wine Cellars today.

Wines offered by YATS various restaurant outlets must adhere to stringent rules, namely:

  • They must have reached the plateau of maturity. This ensures that our clients experience these bottles at their prime. Many wines especially the great ones, often disappoint us during their adolescence.
  • They must be priced fairly and competitively. This means that our clients almost always pay less than they would in other fine restaurants for the same bottle.
  • They must be properly served not only at the right temperature but properly decanted and poured into an appropriate wine glass designed for that kind of wine so that our clients can fully enjoy the wine he/she pays for.
  • If a wine is offered in a YATS restaurant outlet, there must be at least one item on the food menu that will pair well with that wine.

YATS Wine Cellars also caters to home delivery of wines and in case you are planning an elaborate dinner featuring wines as part of the highlights of the evening, YATS also does wine catering.

Wine catering involves a little more than providing fine wines to pair with your gourmet menu. The YATS wine catering team can arrive with proper wine glassware and someone trained to serve these bottles properly for your party.

YATS Wine Cellars has also helped many novice wine enthusiasts develop their home cellars. We provide free consultancy to help you design a sensible and efficient home wine cellar, both in terms of hardware like racks and cooling requirements and to achieve an optimum balance in wine selections.

For more information on how YATS can assist you in your pursuit of your passion in wine or to develop a healthy hobby around the appreciation of fine vintage wines, please visit our web site at www.YatsWineCellars.com.
Email us at Wine@Yats-International.com.


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