Here are some of many (new) things you can enjoy learning during your stay with YATS in Clark Freeport.

Learn the basics to the age-old game of darts at the newly opened LONDON PUB located inside Mimosa Leisure Estate.

A 1-hour program will enable even those who’s never thrown a dart before in their lives to start enjoying the thrill of the game.


Learn a little bit more about wine in a wine tasting at YATS Wine Cellars.  Make sense of what you are drinking by understanding the difference between a good and a bad wine.


Many more learning activities are available, for example, horseback riding, learning how to cook Indochina cuisine, Classic French cuisine and even how to do a foot massage.  Everyone leaves Clark having enriched their lives with something new they learned at YATS.

For more information and reservations, please call (632) 633-1566, 0917-520-4393 or (045) 599-5949 or email us at

Look forward to welcoming you to Clark Freeport soon.


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