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As beer aficionados around the world know very well that vintage beers are rare. These ales go through triple fermentation, the final one occurring in extremely slow pace inside the bottle. A small amount of life yeast is introduced during bottling which allows the beer to continue to ferment after bottling, hence the term “bottle fermentation”. Doesn’t this remind you of Champagne? Well, if that doesn’t ring a bell, all you have to do is to look at the (750ml) bottle. Yes, indeed it is sealed with a (Champagne) cork and wire cap and opening one is exactly like uncorking a bottle of Billecart Salmon.

Ageing potential varies mainly corresponding to the alcohol strength, which ranges from 5.5 to over 10%. This may test the patience of the strong-willed beer collectors because recommended ageing goes from 2 years to 10 years. Recommended serving temperature, unlike your regular cold beer, is 10-13C, a bit reminiscent of white Burgundy perhaps?

So much for the good news, because there is more, but who’s got time to read, when serious business of drinking awaits?

The bad news is that these (large) bottles will set you back as much as US$ 10-15 a bottle. Another bad news is you really mustn’t contemplate driving if you’re going to polish off more than two bottles. As a matter of fact, why bother contemplating anything at all, after the first bottle?

Food pairing? Well, if you must eat, aged cheddar perhaps. Vietnamese Spring Rolls and light Indian/Indonesian Samosa too. Otherwise, California almonds (lightly salted only please) may work well.

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