Looking for a place for after-dinner drinks in Clark Philippines?

The YATS Magnum Lounge is one of the best Wine Bars in the Philippines. YATS Magnum Lounge is located in Clark Philippines as part of the fine-dining YATS Restaurant and Wine Lounge.

This Wine Bar of YATS offers a wine list of over 4000 labels from YATS Wine Cellars. Wine is not the only luxury you can enjoy in Magnum Lounge wine bar. Cuban Cigars from Cohiba, Romeo et Julieta, Monte Cristo, Partagas and Trinidad are some of the names available in this wine bar in Clark Philippines.

A good selection of Vintage Port and Sauternes is also available. Barros 95 and Barros 92 Colheita are served by the glass. Other notable vintage ports available are 63 77 85 94 and 97 DOW. Rare vintage port like 1963 Quinta do Noval Nacional and 1898 Dow Vintage Port can be found here.

Digestives such Single Malt Whiskey, Cognac and Armagnac are all lined up at the YATS Magnum Lounge wine bar ready for your indulgence. But if you are in the mood for something more bubbly, there are over 100 choices of Champagne and Sparkling wine of all price ranges from all over the world, including a good selection of Prosecco, Cava, Crement and Sekt.

For more information about this classy wine bar in Clark Philippines, email, call (632)637-5019 or visit YATS International is a Hong Kong based company operating a number of leisure estates in the Philippines. For more information about YATS, please visit

Armagnac  country shot   port country
chateau de laubadei france     Barros 1995 shot portugal
caussade grand age 21 france 700      
extra vieil  france 550   Sauterness   
chabot xo france     Sauterness 375 ml 1995 france
caussade age 10 france 400   Sauterness 500 ml france
caussade fine v.s.o.p france 380      
larressingle vieil v.s.o.p france  600   Eiswein  
        Eiswein half bottle germany
camus tle de re france     Brandy  
camus tle de re xo france     vieux marc du vie bernard  france
Calvados       Cigars cuba
coquerel vieux france 350   cohiba cuba
        cohiba cuba
Sherry       cohiba cuba
Amontillado Jose De Foto spain 550   cohiba cuba
        monte Cristo cuba
Grappa       monte Cristo cuba
Merlot di Poli Po Italy 450   monte Cristo cuba
Moscato di Poli Po  Italy 400   monte Cristo cuba
Whisky       imported beers  
single malt 15 years Matisse scotland 500   Stella Artois belgium
single malt 12 years Highland Park scotland 450   carlsberg dennmark
single malt 12 years Glenfiddich scotland 450   english old pale england
Whisky Johnny walker  scotland 850      
Whisky 30 years Ballantines scotland 1,650   vintage beer  
        la vin du monte Canada
Bourbon       Frigante Canada
Jack Daniels Monogram U.S.A 750   terrible Canada
Markers Mark U.S.A 550   edition 2004 Canada
        edition 2005 Canada

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