Beach Volley Ball and other water sports are played in Clearwater Country Club

Where can one enjoy a day on a beach, get a tan and take a dip in clean water inside Clark Philippines?

Indeed Clark Freeport Philippines is not renowned for anything to do with water and beaches but if you really need your time on sand and in the water, your best bet is to hit Clearwater Country Club, a project of YATS International Leisure Philippines. There you will find white sand beach next to a very large lake surrounded by several swim spots and vast expanse of land with grass and trees.

The 2004 Asian Women Beach Volleyball Championship was held on this patch of white sand beach. Captured on TV was the beautiful backdrop which is the main lake of Clearwater Country Club. Fishing and boating are very popular activities in this resort. Clearwater Country Club is often described by visitors as a beautiful suburban country park with a lake and some lodgings. That is probably as close to the truth as any one-line statement can possibly be. The beach is always a center of attraction and although Clearwater Country Club does not allow activities that would damage the beach, many weddings and parties have been held near to it to take advantage of a beach-side ambience.

Situated near the beach are a few lodgings – the Lakeside Lodge. These look like log cabins and they share a front porch that is right on the lake.

YATS International is one of the major developers in Clark Philippines and Clearwater Country Club is one of their projects completed a few years ago. For more information about Clearwater Country Club, visit

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