Resort Philippines ClarkRenting a ballroom in the hotel or gathering up in a nearby restaurant are no longer the only options available to you for this year's Christmas or Annual company party. Here is a one that is memorable, exciting, classy and not all that expensive. And you can hold this at the convenience of your own plant, showroom or office.

YATS has rolled out a new product called PRIVATE WINE TASTING. We bring a professionally conducted wine tasting straight to your venue. The wines are not anything but ordinary. In fact most of them are not available in any wine shop. The PWT is exciting for novices and connoisseurs alike. In fact almost all our PWTs feature at least a few old vintage wines that even seasoned wine drinkers may not have had a chance to sample.

Resort PhilippinesYou can use a food caterer or order in simple food like pizza and burgers; in fact, the more down to earth the food the better they compliment these fine wines. Budget varies depending on quality of wine you require but we can organize a 100-person tasting for as low as p35,000 + tax, not inclusive of food, venue and other requirements.

YATS' wines are well known to be top grade. That's why when your tasting contains wines from YATS Wine Cellars, it is always something special.

www.YatsLeisure.comIt is not too early to plan your annual party. For inquiries and bookings, please call (632) 633-1566, email or send an SMS to 0917-520-4393. For more information about YATS Wine Cellars, please visit


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