Clark Philippines is the preferred destination for corporate and social functions

The Company Outing has traditionally been the single most looked-forward-to event of the year for all the ranks. Through years of experience and numerous trial-and-error exercises, organizers are now very well versed on the critical success factors of this kind of events.

We are particularly pleased that since 2005, Clark has become a destination of choice for a number of reasons:

  1. Safety and Security have always been huge issues and increasingly they play a deciding factor in the venue selection process. It is not the safety rating of just the destination that matters but equally the journey itself is of great concern. Clark enjoys the best record in safety and being a military base and a special economic zone, it naturally enjoys much tighter security. The recently refurbished NLEX provides safe and comfortable traveling compared to other national highways and roads.
  1. Each year organizers scratch their heads to try to do something different from last year, but being different is no longer enough. What participants really look for is to enjoy a day in a lifestyle that is different from their normal weekends. YATS Leisure facilities in Clark such as Clearwater Country Club and the YATS Club Grill Room and Wine Cellars have provided many people – local residents and tourists – a chance to sample that lifestyle in the flash. Clearwater Country Club for example recreated the lifestyle that the US Air Force developed when they operated the air base before.
  1. More and more, organizers prefer to hold their events in private and exclusive venues. Each year a good number of well-organized events are ruined not by something that went wrong with their own events but because of unforeseen and uncontrollable incidences brought on by those not connected to the event. Organizers shy away from public or even semi-public places. There are always other crowds nearby that will interact with our participants and often that result in frictions and possibly more serious incidences. That is something you will not encounter at a YATS facility in Clark. It is better for you and yes, it is better for us because keeping things simple is often the best strategy.

This year, CLARK seems to enjoy one more vote. With the advent of the DMIA – Clark International Airport – much has happened in this special zone. A trip to Clark stimulates the imagination of the participants even if they live and work nearby. The diversity of collateral recreational and leisure facilities add dimension to an already well-planned event. Features like the newly opened SM Clark, other smaller duty-free malls, Mimosa Leisure Estate and Golf Club and the legendary YATS Wine Cellars – home to 30000 bottles of the greatest wines in the world – are some of the frequently visited places.
And to top it all up, the infra-structure of CLARK is a great relief for many. Traffic is non-existent in Clark and a walking (or biking) around is a lifestyle hardly seen anywhere else in cities in this country.

All in all, CLARK has become a preferred destination because it offers something memorable and safe. And let’s not forget that it also offers good value for the money.

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