Enjoy Fishing in Clark Philippines

At Clearwater Country Club, a project of Hong Kong-based YATS International Leisure Philippines

Looking for a nice place in the Philippines to do so fishing? Clearwater Country Club located in Clark Philippines offer an easy catch of Tilapia and Sea Bass in their 3ha fresh water lake.

Fishing is a lot of fun even for children especially if it is done inside a safe and secured compound of a private property like Clearwater Country Club. On this lake, you have choice of a few ways to make your catch. Some prefer to rent a row boat and try their luck at the deepest part of the lake which can be as deep as 20 feet. Others want to sit by the shore and cast a line 20 feet out into a preferred drop zone. Then there are those who find a spot on a jetty and just drop a line straight down.

Fishing is not the only thing that people enjoy at Clearwater Country Club. Here in Clark Philippines, YATS International offers a multitude of leisure activities. For those who like to stay overnight, there are a few types of lodgings at Clearwater Country Club. Some like to rent a bicycle to get around the 13ha property while others opt for a bit of a stroll.

After working up an appetite, guests often dine at the famous YATS Restaurant and Wine Lounge just a few minutes up the road, in Mimosa. French Mediterranean cuisine is supported by a large 2000-line wine list, enough to satisfy even the most fastidious of clients.

Back to fishing, if you catch something and most people do, you may ask that it be cooked either at the Clearwater Garden Café or brought over to the restaurant of YATS in Mimosa.

This is just one of the many things that YATS International offers to local and foreign visitors to Clark Philippines. For more information about YATS, please visit www.YatsLeisure.com. To make bookings, email Service@Yats-International.com or call (632) 637-5019.


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