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Company or social outings can be conducted at the grassland of Clark Wine Center which is a 1ha property which can easily accommodate 500. This venue is now called Clark Wine Center Picnic Ground.

There is really no exciting amenities in this venue. Furthermore, bathroom facilities are across the street at PTT gas station. Those executives who patronize the CWC second floor tasting room or roof deck garden can avail of the indoor bathroom as a la carte (walk-in) guests. Function guests cannot avail of the Wine Shop CRs.

CWC Picnic Ground is obviously a budget venue. It is the only YATS venue that allows limited bring-in food.

Food is served cafeteria style and seating is on mono-blocks chairs and tables.

Rental Charges

Admission charges is p50,000 plus p50/pax but p35,000 is consumable. This entitles the group to exclusive usage of a certain portion of the picnic grounds from 8am to 5pm.

For extended usage that require lighting, the charge is another p50,000 plus p50/pax but p35,000 is again, consumable.

For night booking 5pm to 11pm, the charges are p50,000 plus p100/pax but p35,000 is consumable. Extension is p10,000 per hour.

Other charges

Standard rental charges apply to video-OK, Parachute and other tents and other requirements.

Rules for Bring-in Food

Here are the rules for bring-in food:

  • Only snacks (AM or PM) are allowed and content must be declared in advance
  • Absolutely no external vendor allowed and no cooking
  • Full-meal lunch will be provided by YATS or our designated caterer.
  • P10,000 security deposit is required to pay for cleanup and spillage of food and drinks causing damage to the picnic grounds.
  • Corkage is p25/pax and p500 per lechon

For bookings and inquiry, send email to Service@Yats-International.com or call (632) 637-5019. For more information about YATS facilities in Clark Philippines, please visit www.YatsLeisure.com.


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