Clark Freeport is one of the most sought-after destinations for business investments in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the 32000ha ex-US-airbase converted into a special economic zone and later modified into a “Freeport” has since shrunk in size to less than 5000 hectares. That’s not the all of it either. Almost all of the 5000ha have been spoken for.

With big businesses like Texas Instruments moving into Clark, the demand for housing far exceeds supply in all levels of luxury and prices.

YATS International Leisure Philippines has acquired long-term lease (50 years renewable for another 25 years) to some 20 hectares of land which has now become the center of the CBD (Central Business District) of Clark. YATS has built a beautiful country club with some 13 hectares of its land holding, a project called Clearwater Country Club which includes a 2.5ha freshwater lake surrounded by trees and grassland, a beach, a large lagoon and a small number of hotel rooms. Clearwater further bolsters the appeal and therefore the value of the surrounding 7ha of land all slated for either mix-use or residential and commercial use.

Rooms for rent are available from YATS starting at US$500 a month, semi- and fully-furnished units suitable for a single adult, a small family of 4 up to a full-fledged residence of 6 or more.

Watch out for the soon-to-start Clearwater SOHO project. This will provide top-shelf housing requirements for the business executives. SOHO stands for Small Office Home Office and this is an ideal solution for those who wish to live and work at the same place but don’t want to mix up the two under one roof.

If you are looking for a business investment inside Clark Philippines, put your money into a development that will produce housing. The waiting list is long and the supply of land for housing is short.

This is probably the last chance for smart investors to approach YATS International for a deal to carry out their development projects inside Clark Freeport. At this moment, price of land is still quite reasonable but this will not be the case for long.

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