One of most exciting things that happened to both Subic and Clark is of course the opening of the Subic-Clark highway. Shortening the journey from a painful 2-hour ordeal to a 32-minute joy ride makes life that much better for locators in both freeports, doesn’t it?

Not everyone in Subic knows what amenities Clark has in store for visitors, as conversely we in Clark probably don’t know half of what Subic has to offer either. Well, we are writing to do out bit for Clark, by giving you a brief introduction of some of the things that YATS has to offer. There is more to Clark than this of course but perhaps some of the things mentioned in here might be enough to get your visit started in the right direction already.

If you are looking for a venue for this year’s summer company outing, Clearwater Country Club might be come up with something for you, whether it is a day-tour or an overnight event for 50 or 2500. Clearwater Country Club is a 13ha property themed around a 2.5ha fresh-water (man-made) lake, several swim spots, plenty of grass and trees. It can be characterized as a country park with a small number of hotel rooms and some leisure amenities. It is obviously very much in line with the American lifestyle that was left behind after the airbase was returned to the Philippines Government. Over the 5 years that this establishment has opened for business, it has played host to a variety of events including gardens-style acoustic and rock-band concerts, the Asian beach volleyball championship (televised by ESPN), eXtreme sports, tri-Atherton and biking competitions. Fishing and boating continue to find fancy for all ages.

Each year many families have spent quality time at Clearwater Country Club for their annual retreat or just a casual gathering. Special promotional packages such as the SPA package which includes room accommodation, a 1-hour massage at the Well-Being Spa, dinner and brunch have been very popular. So is the full-board package which includes dinner, brunch and room accommodation.

One of the other things that YATS is known for is its culinary offerings. It starts with great French and Mediterranean cuisine served the well-appointed YATS Grill Room located inside Mimosa Leisure Estate, just before you reach the Mimosa Casino. There may be nothing in the city that compares to the level of sophistication that this restaurant can put on your plates. For example YATS has been serving the now-popular WAGYU steaks since 2003. There are many more exquisite dishes that you really should try when you visit Clark. The good news is that the price is anything but exquisite.

If you are a wine lover, you have hit the jackpot once you arrive in Clark. For sure you will be amazed by the variety of fine wines at your disposal, all at remarkably attractive prices. Most of these wines are not available anywhere else even in major cities in Asia. 20, 30, 40 and 50 year-old wines are routinely available at the Clark Wine Center at surprisingly affordable prices. The Clark Wine Center is located on the right side of the main highway entering Clark, a bit hidden from the view by trees lining its frontage and a lawn in front of this 2-storey stand-alone wine shop. It has a tasting room on the second floor and a charming roof-deck lawn garden for small parties and outdoor wine tasting.

No trip to Clark is complete without at least a short hop over the wall to buzzing Angeles City. After making your rounds at the colorful bars and KTV joints, you can stop by another YATS dining outlets – the Bistro Vincafe – located on a slightly quieter street called Friendship Highway tangent to Fields Avenue. Bistro Vincafe serves quality western food in a casual, relaxed but stylish environment suitable for family dining or a romantic dinner. The wine list contains an eclectic selection of wines from p700 upwards, corkage waived if you bring in a bottle purchased from the Clark Wine Center. The Bistro Vincafe also has a charming semi-covered garden at the back, perfect for small events like weddings and parties for 100 or more.

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