About Barbera Wine


Barbera wines are now available in the Philippines at Clark Wine Center located in Clark Angeles Philippines. YATS Wine Cellars also sells Barbaresco, Barolo and Dolcetto from Piedmonte. YATS Wine Cellars specializes in aged vintage wines from all major wine regions in the world including Italy, Spain, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, Loire, Provence, Champagne, Alsace, Germany, Australia, Napa Valley, Sonoma, New Zealand, South Africa and Portugal.

Piedmont, Monferrato regions, Alba and Asti; some (lesser quality) from Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Sardinia.

Medium to full

Fruit flavors
Blackberry, cherry, chocolate

Not the most aromatic wines in the world, but ripe vintages offer aromas of red fruit, currants, blackberries with toasty notes of vanilla and smoke.

Quite rich and lush, almost juicy in riper years

Some traditional renditions can be rustic but most modern producers tend to favor ripeness, extraction and residual sugar for a rounder palate impression.



Food Interactions
Tomato-based sauce; BBQ;

Serving Instructions
Temperature = 13ºC
Stemware = slightly narrower lip than typical red wine glasses
Double decant back into original bottle
Preserved in 5ºC temperature, vacuum pumped, good for 3 days

General Comments
Barbera varietals are now giving Barolo and Barbaresco a run for their money for great red wines from Italy’s Piedmont region. Without the longevity and raw power of the Nebbiolo grape that goes into the other two wines, Barbera’s virtues lie mainly in its rustic charm made up of shiny bright fruit flavors, uplifting personality as contrast to the broodingly captivating Barolo character but nevertheless engaging in every positive ways. Packed always with fresh acidity, the wine is among one of the most food versatile reds in the world, and certainly the all time favorite dinner wines in Italy.


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