Coteaux Champenois wine available in Philippines
At YATS Wine Cellars and YATS Restaurant in Clark Angeles Philippines

So what is Coteaux Champenois and does it have anything to do with Champagne as the name suggests?

Coteaux Champenois is a very obscure French Appellation inside the Champagne region. Essentially any vineyard that qualifies for naming its wines Champagne can make a dry red wine under the AOC of Coteaux Champenois.

Champagne is actually part of Burgundy although with its fame and fortune far surpassing its neighbors, Champagne is largely recognized as a state of its own, having little if anything to do with Burgundy as a whole.

The cepage allowed in (sparkling) Champagne is allowed for making dry red, meaning that they can use any combination of the three Champagne varieties of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and chardonnay (for whites).

A few bottles of these things can be found in Clark Wine Center, located in Clark Philippines. The exterior conceals the treasures lying inside. Many wine lovers buy wines in Philippines by going to Clark Wine Center which is owned by YATS International.

There is a bit of Rosé wines labeled with a rosé AOC called Rosé des Riceys. Oddly enough, most of rosé – and there is really only a tiny bit to begin with, are non-vintage.

Bollinger makes a red wine called “La Côte aux Enfants” using 100% Pinot Noir. From time to time, others do the same thing, like this Bouzy red. Very few bottles ever made it past the French borders and less ever travelled past Europe. Are these red wines any good? Very few people can really tell you that by experience. The best thing to do is to get your hands on one of them.

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