How to Throw a Wine Dinner at Home

Denny Wang
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Everybody loves the notion of home dining especially if Grandma is cooking. Even if home-cooking is not part of the deal and a caterer is brought in to enable you and your guests to focus on having a good time, the evening can still be very special, memorable even, if you serve a few bottles of exquisite vintage wine from YATS Wine Cellars.

Will this cost a lot of money?

The quick answer is “no” and here is why.

Just like a good meal doesn’t always require expensive ingredients, a good line-up of wine doesn’t always have to comprise of expensive labels. Here is how you can make use of the services of YATS Wine Cellars to help you design the wine line-up for your next gala home dinner.


First thing to do is to come up with a budget and this is nothing to be nervous about. Take a number between p500 to p1,500 per person (adult) and you are in the game. Besides your generosity, the budget largely depends on how sophisticated your guests are about their wines. It is not easy to impress wine-savvy guests with a budget of p500/head, to be quite honest about it.

Food and Wine

Now that the budget is established, attention now turns to the food part of the formula. Many excellent dinners have been ruined because of incompetence in wine pairing. As long as the flavor intensity of the food is not terribly overwhelming and the recipe doesn’t call for a lot of exotic herbs and spices, we have a good chance of averting a culinary disaster. To play it very safe and cool, always ask the chef to tone everything down by a few notches to give the wine a chance to speak and be heard.

Don’t worry about last minute adjustments to the menu. These minor changes are unlikely to affect the wine pairing a great deal.



The “civilized” amount of quantity for dinner – not counting after dinner digestives of Cognac and Single Malt for example, both not included in our line-up – is 375ml of dry wine which weighs in on the average at 12 to 14% ABV (Alcohol By Volume). If a fortified wine such as PORT or Sherry is included and these reach 20% then the volume of 375ml/head should be reduced accordingly.

The Process

The entire process leading to your receiving our proposed wine line-up doesn’t take much longer than five (5) days after we know you menu and your wine budget.

What will arrive at your doorstep – or more likely the inbox of your email software – is a wine line-up which will include notes on each wine. Hosts often share these notes with their guests either by reading them aloud in between courses or by encoding them into the menu for guests to peruse.

Several technical suggestions might also accompany this line-up to help your service staff with how to serve these wines properly. Improper wine service can change the style or even degrade the perceived quality of the wine.

Memorable Aspects

You might ask “How is this different from asking a friend who knows something about wine to do to the wine selection for us?”

A good question indeed and it should be answered properly.

First and probably foremost is the fact that we will provide you with wines that your guests do not see in wine shops and supermarkets. Immediately this separates your home dinner from everyone else’s.

Wine notes support the authenticity of your selection. It shows that the host has given the matter a lot of thoughts into the matter instead of just serving whatever was available at home or on sale in wine stores that week.

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