Private Wine Tasting is an ultra-effective marketing tool to launch and promote your company and your products.


PWT the newest marketing weapon in town

Private Wine Tasting (PWT) is designed to deliver unprecedented value for your (marketing) money whenever you find yourself planning to stage a classy event for a small number of VIP guests with upscale taste.

PWT is not about serving wine in a reception or cocktail party. It is about using the time proven formula of wine tasting to keep your guests entertained and at the same time not to lose their focus on the messages you want to deliver and the statements you need to make in your event.



PWT offers so many advantages over the traditional methods of client reward, incentives and product launching techniques such as golf outings, dinners, cocktail parties etc. Here are some of the obvious advantages:

  1. Much higher attendance ratio
  2. Cost per participant is lower than golf or dinners
  3. Greater level of attention from participants
  4. Earn much more marketing mileage through post-event talk among participants
  5. As long as the wines are spectacular, the event itself is news-worthy


In short, this is perhaps the biggest bang for the buck for a promotional or incentive event.


Critical Success Factors

Although PWT is a wining concept, its success is not guaranteed unless we do it right. To ensure success, we have to deliver the following items:

  1. The wines have to be unique because it is the major draw for the event.
  2. The wine tasting has to be conducted in a proper manner and not let it degenerate into a drinking buffet.


It is not easy to round up that many people, keep them entertained through an evening and still have their full attention when you want to deliver a message. PWT is probably the only concept that will allow you to do this efficiently.


The Wines

The first question that guests will ask when they receive your invitation to a PWT is what wines will be served. The answer to that question determines their reaction to your RSVP request.

PWT will probably fail if the wines are felt to be “common”.

Wines do not necessarily have to be extremely expensive to draw a good crowd. What is important is that the wines are unique, meaning that your guests can’t find them in a wine store in town.

The wines used in YATS’ PWT are always not available in regular wine stores. Because of the wide selection of wines carried by YATS, we can vary the wine selection in each PWT so that they are not frequently repeated even among our own PWTs.

Wine Tasting becomes less meaningful, boring even, when the wines are commonly available in town. PWTs that are staged by YATS give an extra incentive for VIP guests to not just attend but to also remember and even talk about the event with friends and business associates long after the event has passed.


How does a PWT work?

PWT is a ticket-driven event just like a real wine tasting. Each ticket contains a certain number of stubs, the more stubs per ticket, the higher is your budget per participant for the PWT. Each stub is redeemable at the serving station for a tasting pour (usually about 65ml) of a wine of the ticketholder’s choice.

For each event, there is a line-up of a certain number of wines from 5 to 15 depending on the scale of the event. There is always an underlying theme so that the tasting is meaningful and not just a drinking exercise. For example, a theme could be a tasting of older wines of 5-20 years old or it could be about new-world versus old-world vintage wines or a tasting of major grape varieties (Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz, Sangiovese, Tempranillo). There are literally dozens of themes to choose from and the (wine) selection is usually based on the demographics of the guests.


On your part, you will need to engage a (food) caterer for food and setup plus one or two waiters to assist us in basic stuff like rinsing of glasses and replenishing of ice for chilling certain wines.




YATS Wine Cellars likes to believe that it offers a major competitive advantage to a client who chooses to use wine tasting as a means to achieve a marketing edge. The wine is just part of it. There is a serious amount of software involved in staging these events, besides the obvious – tasting glasses, decanters, rinsing and spitting stations. For example, wine drinkers around town have amassed a certain level of knowledge that makes them crave for information and answers to questions about wine.

A PWT can no longer be just about pouring wines into a glass. There has to be wine notes that relates to the theme of the tasting. The servers have to know how to prepare the wine properly for service – breathing time, chilling temperature.



A PWT can cost as little as p35,000 for a small party of say 30-50. For a party of 100 for example, the cost can be kept within the p55,000 level. Two factors affect the cost of the event for you - the host - besides the number of tickets for participants of course: (1) the number of stubs per ticket and (2) how impressive you want the wine in the line-up to be.



It shouldn’t take us more than a few days to come up with a customized solution for your needs delivering genuine value for money to help you achieve bottom-line marketing objectives. We are not in the business of asking you spend a lot of money. We are in the business of proving to you that we can help you achieve your objectives with less money simply because every peso goes straight into achieving results instead of just making your guests tipsy.

Do contact us for a no-commitment quote for a PWT. We are very keen to expose this wonderful option to you, the one who is tasked with expanding marketing share or maintaining customer loyalty. Reach us through any one of these means most convenient to you:

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