Learn about Wine by attending wine tastings held by Yats Wine Cellars in the Philippines.

Wine Seminars for wine enthusiasts in Philippines. If you live in Philippines and want to learn about wine, you can attend these wine seminars held by Yats Wine Cellars. Wine lessons are very informative and enjoyable for novices and advanced students.

Wine Lessons in the Philippines and WINE lessons in Clark Philippines

YATS Wine Cellars shall resume offering wine seminars to wine enthusiasts of any level from total novices to seasoned professionals starting 25th July, 2009. These seminars will be held at the YATS Restaurant located in Mimosa, Clark Freeport.

Price of p3,500 includes admission to the lecture followed by a guided wine tasting aimed at highlighting what was discussed in the lecture. Hot refreshment will be served during the wine tasting. A certificate of attendance is issued by YATS to all participants. Those who wish to obtain a course grading can take a written examination made up of 10 to 15 questions afterwards for an additional fee of p300. No refund is granted to those who failed to make passing grade.

The first series of seminars is titled “Becoming a connoisseur”. It will include discussions on the process of making these wines – how bubbles are introduced into the wine for example – variations adopted by different producers to create different styles (and prices) and how to appreciate each of those styles properly. Participants will taste five distinctly different kinds of wines. This will help to deposit a palate impression and memory of their respective unique qualities.

The seminar will start promptly at 4pm and the tasting will end at 6:30pm.

For your seat in the seminar, please call (632) 633-1566, 0917-520-4393, 0922-870-5173,
or email Wine@Yats-International.com. For more information about YATS, please visit www.YatsWineCellars.com.


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