Wine tasting is regularly staged by YATS WINE CELLARS held in various venues in Clark Philippines and around Angeles City. YATS Restaurant and Wine Lounge and Clark Wine Center are two favorite venues with the Breakfast Garden at Clearwater Country Club being another one.

Strictly for Wine Appreciation

YATS Wine Cellars regularly hold non-commercial wine tasting to help wine enthusiasts expand their knowledge of wine in a most enjoyable and affordable way. These tastings are different from other commercial tastings. The wines from these tastings are not sponsored by a wine merchant and there are no salesmen. You are in the company of people from all ages and all walks with one common interest - wine.

There are no promotional activities in these events. All of us are left in peace to enjoy our evening without the ubiquitous bombardment of sales pitches pressuring us to buy something. In some events, hors d'œuvre is served but that's not a full meal to be sure. An optional sit-down dinner is available for those who prefer to dine either during, before or even after the event.

Format of YATS Wine Tasting

Tickets can be purchased in advance at a discount. Each ticket comes with five tasting stubs. The wines are lined up at a wine service station. Present a ticket at this station to surrender a stub to redeem a tasting pour (roughly 50ml) of a wine of your choice.

Someone will always be available to answer questions or discuss topics pertinent to the theme of the wines in the event. Otherwise the event is a self-paced tasting exercise that is the most economical way to sample expensive and rare wines.

Ticket price ranges from p500 to p1,500 a piece depending on the cost of the wines selected for the theme of each event. The price of the ticket barely covers the cost of the wine of the evening. It is undoubtedly the most cost-effective way to savor different kinds of wine.

About the Wines

The line-up usually comprises of over 15 wines. There is a different theme in every event. Some of the bottles may ordinarily cost well over p5,000 each. This makes for a comparative tasting which is an organized and focused way of savoring this experience. The lineup is usually quite large so participants have to pick and choose the wines to taste. There are enough bottles to accommodate all the tickets sold. Bottles are not replenished after they have been consumed.

What's so special about wine tasting held by YATS Wine Cellars?

Besides the fact that these events are not sponsored and controlled by a wine merchant hoping to use the event as a venue for promoting a certain product line or a brand, there are other special qualities of all YATS Wine Tastings that make it ultimately much more rewarding and educational than all the other tastings.

To start with, the themes are always chosen not only for fun but also with an element of education in mind. Education here is in the sense of expanding the horizons of your tasting experience, opening up new interests through explorations with an open mind. For example, in one of our recent events that feature aged vintage wines from the last 50 years, many participants mentioned that it was the first time they had tasted older wines even those they had been enjoying wine for more than 20 years already. Many were pleasantly surprised of how elegant and thoroughly appealing these older wines tasted.

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